About Us

Creative Communities West Berkshire was born out of a joint love for all things creative and a passion for designing and delivering courses for all adults including those suffering from a range of mental and physical challenges.

Creative Communities was founded by Sarah Hemmings and Tanya Reid, who are both fully qualified teachers and assessors, with an extensive background in managing, devising and delivering courses for adults from a wide range of different backgrounds. They have a special interest in teaching adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, older learners with age related illnesses and adults suffering with mental ill-health. Sarah and Tanya are both degree educated, with Tanya holding a BA in Fine Art and Sarah a BA (Hons) in English Literature. They also both hold a Mental Health First Aid accreditation and many other professional qualifications, including educational management, safeguarding and equality and diversity.

The aim of Creative Communities West Berkshire is to provide structured, learner focussed, creative courses which are delivered in a fun and informal way and accessible for all. Creative Communities was established because it was clear that something was missing in the local community and those who most needed community courses, were not able to access them, either due to location, circumstances or high tuition fees. Our hope is that we can bridge this gap by bringing fully funded, free provision out into the local community for those who need it most. We understand that every learner is different and what works for some, will not necessarily work for another. We always strive to offer differentiated learning, with the individual at the centre, allowing each and every person the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential, whilst enjoying every step of their learning journey.

We fully believe that by coming together to learn creatively, participants gain valuable skills, develop passions and interests, and form friendships and support networks along the way.